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Rainbow Ridge Farm CRC Inc. Non-Profit 501 (c)(3)

  Animal Assisted Behavioral Interventions: Mounted & Unmounted

“The horse is a great equalizer, he doesn't care how good looking you are, or how rich you are or how powerful you are- he takes you for how you make him feel.”

- Buck Brannaman

How We Got Started:

"Rainbow Ridge Farm Therapeutic: Camps & Riding Center has been a lifelong dream of mine that started when I began teaching therapeutic riding at the age of 16, our program was born with the help and collaboration of many great ideas and the help of wonderful caring people along the way." - Lorie Miller, President & Owner

Our Clientele:

We offer animal assisted behavioral interventions to all individuals, regardless of background or ability level. We accept individuals from the age of two and above. We encourage clients of all ages to join our program, especially younger children as they tend to receive the most benefits via early intervention services. Your goals are your business - our business is to give you the tools you need to reach them. We will serve any and all - if you'd like to increase communicative skills in your child we would be thrilled to assist you. If you would like to build physical strength for yourself, we would thrilled to assist you there as well. Regardless of what your goal is, not only do we have the tools for you to reach them, but we also have the knowledge to teach you how to use the tools yourself. Ready for your next step? Contact us to register as a client.

Our Services:

Animal Assisted Behavioral Interventions: We offer sessions on a scheduled, usually weekly, basis. Our sessions consist of the Program Director and/or designated staff member, the participant and family (if applicable), and the animal(s). While we offer rolling admission, enrollment in sessions are run on an eight week period. Please be prepared to make the commitment to the session time that you choose.

Therapeutic Riding: We offer therapeutic riding to individuals who enroll in our Animal Assisted Behavioral Interventions program to extend the behavioral modeling demonstrated in the Animal Assisted Behavioral Interventions to an additional environment with different contingencies.

Outside Organization Facilitation: For children and teens, we offer the opportunity for outside counseling organizations to come and meet on the farm for their private sessions between counselor/therapist and patient. During these sessions, the Program Director or representative must be present in order to use the farm and it's animals as part of your session, however, these sessions will still be run/coordinated by the attending therapist.

Our Niche in the Bucks County Community:

Here at Rainbow Ridge, we offer a unique, agricultural setting with the use of various farm animals to add to the experience! Each participant will receive a "care animal" during their time with us that they will spend time with, each week. In addition, we will also learn about and utilize some of the smaller animals on the farm during each of the days you are here.

We offer animal assisted behavioral interventions, the first in our community to offer it. In combining animal assisted interventions with behavioral interventions, we are able to cultivate an experience like no other. We are equipped to offer anyone the tools they may need to reach their goals.