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Rainbow Ridge Farm CRC Inc. Non-Profit 501 (c)(3)

  Animal Assisted Behavioral Interventions: Mounted & Unmounted

Our Niche in the Bucks County Community: Animal Assisted Behavioral Interventions

In employing behaviorally oriented animal assisted interventions, what we have come to call, Animal Assisted Behavioral Interventions, we are able to offer and give our time and energy to studying and identifying the function of a variety of behaviors. That being said, we are able to work with a wide range of behaviors to pave the way to our client's goals. We are capable of increasing behavioral deficits and decreasing behavioral excesses. The twist herein is the use of our animals. Often times, in behavioral interventions, the behavior analyst responds in ways specific to the function of the behavior demonstrated. We are able to both hold this constant but also introduce a modeled reaction via the animal we are working with. An example of this would be someone's goal of decreasing aggressive outbursts that are maintained by attention. Should the client experience a behavioral episode, the behavior analyst would refrain from reacting to refrain from giving attention (a reinforcer) to the client. However, the animal would likely react in a multitude of ways. This is an aspect that allows for the behavior to be put on extinction as well as a modeled reaction via social norms displayed by the animal at hand. Overall, the environment is created for social norms to be maintained while behavior can be effectively manipulated to benefit the client.

Our Services:

Animal Assisted Behavioral Interventions: We offer sessions on a scheduled, usually weekly, basis. Our sessions consist of the Program Director and/or designated staff member, the participant and family (if applicable), and the animal(s). While we offer rolling admission, enrollment in sessions are run on an eight week period. Please be prepared to make the commitment to the session time that you choose. For more specification on the benefits and intricacies of this program, please view "Our Niche in the Bucks County Community," to discover how we help.

Therapeutic Riding: We offer therapeutic riding to individuals who enroll in our Animal Assisted Behavioral Interventions program to extend the behavioral modeling demonstrated in the Animal Assisted Behavioral Interventions to an additional environment with different contingencies. The goals herein are to both increase skill acquisition by introducing new skills as well as generalize and maintain the skills that were learned prior to therapeutic riding was offered.

Outside Organization Facilitation: For children and teens, we offer the opportunity for outside counseling organizations to come and meet on the farm for their private sessions between counselor/therapist and patient. During these sessions, the Program Director or representative must be present in order to use the farm and it's animals as part of your session, however, these sessions will still be run/coordinated by the attending therapist. The Program Director or representative will only oversee the attendance/use of the animal(s). We offer both indoor program room and outdoor options, weather permitting. For more information on this programming, please contact us.